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  • ST / IR / NXP field effect tube and SCR imported stock:
    If STPS30H60CFP, IRF620PBF, BYQ28X-200, etc.
    American CREE High Power LED full range of supply:
    If XBD series, XPE Series, XPG Series, XML series
    Winbond Nuvoton supply a full range of memory and memory:
    If M0516LAN, M0516ZAN, M058LAN, M058ZAN,
    NUC100LE3AN, NUC100VD2AN, NUC120LE3AN, etc.
  • CRE Spirit will continue to play to their strengths in the channel, capital, technology, logistics, human resources, quality and always put the customer first, with the most affordable price, the best service, the integrity of others.

  • If quality problems, promised to return within three months, and a full refund, and to ensure the company provides products for customer requirements, no real ones.

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       CRE Spirit Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is a well-known electronic components. Agents and distributors, professional distribution IR (International Rectifier), ST (STMicroelectronics), FAIRCHILD (Fairchild), VISHAY (Vishay), ON (ON), INFINEON (Infineon) series FET MOSFET, IGBT, power driver IC, fast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes, Microchip (Microchip), ATMEL (Ait Mel) Winbond Nuvoton series microcontroller, memory, and the United States CREE High Power LED products are widely used diode equation in power...[Detail]

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